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Learn more about Standardization, its levels, benefits and who is doing it

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Learn more about Accreditation, recognition of technical competence and reliability.

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Learn more about Metrology, the science of measurements, calibrations and traceability.

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Conformity Assessment

Learn more about Conformity Assessment, the activity that supports an organization, product, process or service meets the requirements defined in standards or technical specifications.

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WTO/TBT Agreement

Agreement to ensure that technical regulations, standards, testing, and certification procedures do not create unnecessary obstacles to trade.

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WTO/SPS Agreement

Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the WTO, measures relating to food safety, animal health and plant protection.

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Technical Regulations

Learn more about the Technical Regulations, their elaboration, approval and application.

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NQS Example

Video SISMENEC – Know the benefits offered by the Mexican System of Metrology, Standardization and Conformity Assessment applied to companies in Mexico.

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International Standardization

Learn about participation in international standardization committees.

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IEC Basecamp

Multimedia and print tools for the IEC community. (link to external site)

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ISO Training

YouTube Channel from ISO (link to external site)